Vessel Clearance Guide (VCG)
Vessel Clearance Guide (VCG)
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  • Why VCG
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Vessel Clearance Guide (VCG) is the appropriate solution for each terminal. This tool automates the vessel clearance process and thereby minimizes the necessary user and customer inputs. Because the process is automated, the chance of human error is reduced significantly.


The details of the terminal, the jetty and the pipeline will be entered into VCG. The properties of a ship are imported into VCG by dragging and dropping a document containing the information. No further user action is required. The properties of the vessel are compared with the physical characteristics of the different jetties of a terminal. The result is a clear overview of the suitable jetties for the selected vessel.


This customer friendly way of working ensures that vessels can be cleared more quickly and customers will receive a rapid confirmation.

USER FRIENDLY Easy to learn and easy to use
SAVE TIME Clear vessels in a fraction of the time
REPORTS View extensive reports and statistics
CLOUD BASED No installation and access from anywhere
UP-TO-DATE One database, everyone has access to the most recent information
PROFESSIONAL Clearing vessels in a uniform professional way
NO ERRORS VCG eliminates the risk of human errors
SERVICE 24/7 customer service and support
Partners delivers up-to-date global terminal information for a wide range of companies and supports these organizations in:

  1. Gaining insights on the competitive landscape
  2. Identifying sales leads
  3. Segmenting target groups
  4. Improving optionality
  5. Breaking down the market structure

This market intelligence platform offers terminal factsheets, which include technical parameters, historical development and managerial contact details, all in one place. Combined with the automated vessel clearance guide this is the number one platform for terminal information and help terminals and its customers to work more efficiently.


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